Beloved Photography by Kristin Kozelsky from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

Kristin Kozelsky is a Gainesville-based photographer specializing in “Beloved” photography. Kristin contacted us to help her create a promotional video which would describe to potential clients what a “Beloved” photography session is and how their relationship could potentially benefit from one.

When we first met with Kristin, we were a little confused about what a “Beloved” session was. We knew it wasn’t your typical photo session – but couldn’t quite understand exactly how it worked. So – we knew a promotional video would be the perfect way for Kristin to describe what she does. And really, what better way to understand something more fully than through sound, motion and images?

Kristin Kozelsky Promotional Video Kristin Kozelsky Promotional Video Kristin Kozelsky Promotional Video

We met Kristin in St. Augustine, FL with her clients, Art and Carol, for their session. We thank Art and Carol for allowing us to tag along on such an emotion-filled session, and for expressing their thoughts on the session so beautifully. Y’all were awesome!

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