Who are We?

First and foremost, we’re creatives. Whether we’re at the office as an architectural designer and web programmer, or in our in-home studio designing, collaborating, brainstorming, and making—we’re always creating and pushing our ideas to the limits.

We’re perfectionists.Two perfectionists in one room always spells trouble. We’ll often have heated debates over the placement of a 3 second clip—each side with valid arguments. Really, it can be quite humorous sometimes but it’s this attention to detail that produces high-quality productions.

We are passionate about what we do. When we capture something so perfect and so beautiful we sometimes have minor freak-outs behind our cameras. Occasionally, you’ll even catch one of us doing a little dance in celebration (Kimberly).

And lastly, we truly love what we do.

Check out our sister-company, GBVideo, for wedding films!